2020 YBCA 100

At YBCA we believe that true leaders live among us and we want to elevate and celebrate them. Who are the people making a real difference in the health and wellbeing of the Bay Area and beyond? Nominate them for the 2020 YBCA 100 List, which honors and celebrates everyday heroes—artists, activists, and creative changemakers. Nominate your local hero today at YBCA.org where all nominations will be visible to the public. Honorees will receive a $500 award and more. Nominations will be accepted through Tuesday, November 10. We will announce who made the 2020 YBCA List in January. Submit #YourYBCA100 nomination today!


What are the criteria for nominations?

Everyday heroes addressing the disparities made more glaring to the world by the COVID pandemic.

All kinds of creative changemakers, including artists, activists, teachers, and community leaders.

We are seeking a diverse group, including:

Prioritizing BIPOC, differently abled, LGBTQIA+, women 

Creative changemakers of all types – artists, activists, teachers, community leaders, etc.


Can I nominate someone who has been on past YBCA 100 lists?

Yes. If they are still doing powerful and impactful work for the wellbeing of your community, we want to honor that.


What do listmakers receive/what are the benefits of being on the list?


Press as part of YBCA 100 

Visibility at Summit and/or Public Square

Visibility on YBCA’s website 

Visibility on social media

Networking opportunities amongst all 100 listmakers

On-going relationship with YBCA as a member of its core constituency

A role in the Summit and/or Public Squares

How will nominations be selected for the final 2020 YBCA 100 list?

A core team of YBCA staff and partners will review the nominations based on the criteria.

We’ve dedicated half of this year’s list to submissions made through our public nominations process.

All nominations will be public and honored in the open process, even if they are not chosen for the final list.