Eye Zen Presents

Queer theater company

Founded in 2007, Eye Zen Presents is a San Francisco-based theater company committed to unearthing and elevating QTBIPOC and LGBTQIA histories to better understand the diverse lineages within our community. Their public performances, laboratories, events and community collaborations are intersectional contributions to the larger work of ending a plethora of sexuality, race, class, and gender-based discriminations and furthering the dismantling of white supremacy. As they lift voices that have been silenced throughout history, they are reminded of how marginalized communities can and have overcome injustice by connecting across margins of oppression. Ongoing core programming includes: OUT of Site walking tours placing audiences in physical sites of queer history through immersive performance-driven events throughout San Francisco that reinvigorate viewers’ relationships to queer social and cultural geographies. Additionally, their FabLab series offers creative playshops working towards a fabulous celebration of QTBIPOC ancestors facilitated by the Bay Area’s fiercest QTBIPOC creative voices in partnership with Latinx Mafia.