Excélsior Coffee

Community coffee shop

Owners of Excélsior Coffee, and partners in life and love, Lea Sabado and Andre Higginbotham met in this impeccable seven mile city of San Francisco—and for 15 years they have ridden side by side on vintage transportation (from scooters, cars, and motorcycles) conquering all of these 48 hills, but have rooted down and proclaimed their loyalty to the Excelsior District. Sabado has a penchant for numbers, motorbikes, and jumpshots. Higginbotham is a local public high school educator with a knack for history and getting under the hood of old classic cars—not to mention recently jumpstarting the only accredited dirt bike mechanics course in San Francisco. Together, they are fanatics about coffee and cultivating culture one cup at a time. Opening Excelsior Coffee in July 2019, their mission is to continue to serve exceptional coffee, while building and strengthening their diverse, working class neighborhood. They’re also known to throw a Neighborhood Block Party here and there.