Bhumi B. Patel

Movement artist and writer

Movement artist and writer Bhumi B. Patel directs pateldanceworks and is a queer, desi, home-seeker, and science fiction choreographer (she/they). In its purest form, she creates performance works as a love letter to her ancestors. Patel moves at the intersection of embodied research and generating new futures, using improvisational practice as a pursuit for liberation. She is a member of Dancing Around Race (founded by Gerald Casel), and has presented her choreographic work in the Bay Area, Manoa, HI, Los Angeles, CA, New York, NY, and Columbus, OH. Patel has been a Lead Artist with SAFEhouse Arts, an Emerging Arts Professionals Fellow, and a Women of Color in the Arts Leadership through Mentorship Fellow and is currently a 2022–2023 Dance/USA Fellow. Making art is her way of tracing the deeply woven connections in which we live—past, present, future—as a way to build communities of nourishment and care.