Black music entrepreneurship incubator

HiiiWAV is a black music entrepreneurship incubator founded by Bosko Kante, an award-winning music producer, artist advocate, and co-founder of innovative music-tech company ElectroSpit. Their mission is to help grow profitable, culturally rich, and socially impactful companies that create generational wealth and timeless music in the Black community. They provide artists with training in interactive XR technology creation and entrepreneurship in their transformative hybrid accelerator. Additionally, HiiiWAV offers grants, recording studios, mentorship, and business development workshops. HiiiWAV’s founding team includes Bosko Kante, Maya Kante, Miles Dotson, and Nina Robinson. Maya Kante is a 5th generation Oakland native, spiritual life coach, and business strategist, and co-founded ElectroSpit. Miles Dotson is a musician, serial founder, investor, electrical engineer, and an experienced product manager. Nina Robinson is a financial activist, a noted DJ, and Runway Family’s fund director. Some of HiiiWAV’s sponsors and strategic partners include Zoo Labs, Runway Family, Kataly Foundation, Meta, LISC, and the Yi Family.