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Come to Your Census: Who Counts in America?

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Live on April 1, 2020

Come to Your Census: Who Counts In America?, is an art and civic experience designed to mobilize the Bay Area around the urgent, long-term impact of the 2020 Census.

Recognizing the role of artists as first responders to any social crisis, and in response to the potential of COVID-19 to dampen Census turnout, YBCA and Art+Action have quickly reimagined the physical opening of this art and civic experience. We will amplify the Come to Your Census campaign and its artists on digital platforms to underscore that the Census is an essential service which ensures our communities’ long-term health and strength. The Come To Your Census digital engagements will take a variety of forms, including interactive video games, virtual gatherings, newly commissioned written and filmed artist responses, and more.

Census Experience


The 2020 Census is Now Live.
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Mark Baugh-Sasaki
Micah Bazant
Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo
Lukas Brekke-Miesner
Cece Carpio
Yueqi Chen
Creativity Explored


Rodney Ewing
First Exposures
Guillermo Galindo
Ana Teresa Fernández
June Grant
Chris Hamamoto
James Hosking
Vida Kuang
Liz Lerman
Bijun Liang
Richard Misrach
Takeshi Moro
Leah Nichols
Joan Osato
Maria Paz
Yesica Prado
Jerome Reyes
Anna Sergeeva
Dorothy R. Santos
SF Urban Film Fest
Lava Thomas
Sanctuary City Project
Arleene Correa Valencia

What is at stake?

Every ten years, the Census count determines the population in all fifty states, the District of Columbia, and the five U.S. territories. This count of our national population determines national representation and federal funding allocations for essential programs for affordable housing, healthy food, healthcare, public schools, foster care, free meals, job training, emergency services, roads, preschools, and more.

The Campaign

Come to Your Census: Who Counts in America? is part of COME TO YOUR CENSUS, an arts-driven citywide campaign led by the Art+Action coalition—headquartered and incubated at YBCA and commissioned by the City of San Francisco’s Office of Civic Engagement and Immigrant Affairs (OCEIA)—mobilizing around the 2020 Census.


Art+Action—San Francisco’s first coalition for civic participation that spans art, creative, community, business, technology, philanthropy, activist, and government sectors—has launched a city-wide arts-driven campaign that positions artists as catalysts to humanize the issues around the 2020 Census. In partnership with trusted institutions and messengers, including Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YBCA)—their Headquarters and a Lead Partner—and ignited by support from San Francisco’s Office of Civic Engagement and Immigrant Affairs (OCEIA), they’re galvanizing communities to participate in the 2020 Census to receive their fair share of resources and political representation. Although the movement is starting locally, the goal is to set off a national spark. →

Come To Your Census Toolkits & Resources from Art+Action

Check out the full list of open-source campaign assets for you to use to create powerful calls to action to your communities. Materials are available in multiple languages.

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Come to Your Census: Who Counts In America? is presented by a coalition of curators convened by YBCA and includes Martin Strickland, YBCA’s Associate Director of Public Life, and Sarah Cathers, YBCA’s Director of Public Life, with Amy Kisch, Founder and Artistic Director of Social Impact of Art+Action; Brittany Ficken, Executive Producer and Project Director of Art+Action; Candace Huey of re.riddle, and curator Ashara Ekundayo—supported by Art+Action’s Curatorial Committee comprised of Micki Meng, Founder of Art & and Friends Indeed Gallery; Dorothy Santos, writer, curator, and artist; Christo Oropeza, Founder of Incline Gallery; Rozz Nash, Founder of The People’s Conservatory; Meklit Hadero, YBCA’s Chief of Program; and Isabel Yrigoyen, YBCA’s Curator of Performing Arts.

Art+Action is supported by Funding from the Office of Civic Engagement & Immigrant Affairs, City and County of San Francisco and powerful communities dedicated to creativity + transformation.

YBCA Programs are made possible in part by Bloomberg Philanthropies, Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, The James Irvine Foundation, and Mellon/American Council of Learned Societies Public Fellows Program, with additional funding from Grosvenor, Kevin King and Meridee Moore, the National Endowment for the Arts, New England Foundation for the Arts,, Zellerbach Family Foundation, and YBCA Members.

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts is grateful to the City of San Francisco for its ongoing support.

Lead image: Stephanie Syjuco, Color Checker (Pileup) 2, 2019