Sanctuary City Project
Who Counts in America?, 2020

This artwork is included in YBCA’s 2020 Come To Your Census: Who Counts in America? art & civic experience, presented under the umbrella of the Art+Action Coalition’s COME TO YOUR CENSUS campaign.

Sanctuary City Project, led by artists Sergio De La Torre and Chris Treggiari, serves as a public print shop where visitors can engage in dialogue while creating protest posters around topics of sanctuary, immigration, and self-empowerment toward political action.

Who Counts in America? is an animation based on a poster campaign asking the question of who is counting, being counted, undercounted, and not counted in the United States Census—and what are the reasons surrounding this. It is predicted that in the 2020 US Census, 4 million people will be undercounted, including the highest numbers from Black and Latinx communities. Undercount factors range from fear of a citizenship question—which is not included in the 2020 Census—to a mistrust of data confidentiality.

Join us as we continue to advocate for the health and strength of our communities by highlighting the urgent, long-term impact of the 2020 Census, in partnership with Art+Action, our local arts community and San Francisco’s Office of Civic Engagement & Immigrant Affairs (OCEIA).

Sanctuary City Project,
Who Counts in America?, 2020.
Animation and a series of photographs documenting work in the public space.
Courtesy the artists.

Who Counts in America? is part of Come to Your Census: Who Counts in America?, an art and civic experience intended to drive awareness and mobilize the diverse communities of the Bay Area around the urgent, long-term impact of the 2020 US Census.
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