Through time-based actions and social gestures, often using her body, Ana Teresa Fernández creates artwork that explores the politics of intersectionality, subverts expectations, and illuminates the psychological and physical barriers that define gender, race, and class in Western society and the Global South. Using performance as a primary research tool in her multimedia practice, Fernández creates community-based projects, public art, sculpture, performance, video, and larger-than-life oil paintings that critique cultural assumptions and stereotypes about Latina women. Fernández’s public project Borrando la Frontera (Erasing the Border) has been the subject of extensive media attention and critical acclaim. Originally staged in 2011, the work has been re-commissioned across various locations in the United States and Mexico and was recorded for a documentary feature by VICE media in 2017. Fernández has had numerous exhibitions of her masterful oil paintings, including inclusion in Mi Tierra: Contemporary Artists Explore Place at the Denver Art Museum (2017); Energy Charge: Connecting to Ana Mendieta at Arizona State University Art Museum, Tempe (2016); and Framing Beauty at Grunwald Gallery, Indiana University, Bloomington (2017). Fernández was born in 1980 in Tampico, Mexico, and lives and works in San Francisco. She is represented by Gallery Wendi Norris, San Francisco.