Who is an activist? What role does art play in social change?

Performance, visual art, and technology offer a new kind of toolkit for today’s activism, allowing for a broad range of participation in change¬making. At the same time, social media offers an unprecedented platform for increased visibility and public dialog. Take This Hammer: Art + Media Activism from the Bay Area explores these possibilities through the recent work of artists, activists, and technologists addressing the most pressing issues of our time.

Guest curator Christian L. Frock provides an expansive look at artworks, media projects, and ephemera from tactical interventions, as well as several new site-¬specific commissions.

The exhibition includes 3.9 Art Collective, Indira Allegra, Anti¬Eviction Mapping Project, Bay Area Society for Art & Activism, Cat Brooks with Black Lives Matter | Anti Police¬Terror Project, CultureStrike, Dignidad Rebelde, Leslie Dreyer, the Guantanamo Bay Museum of Art and History, Jeremy Mende, Tucker Nichols, Oree Originol, PERSIA featuring Daddie$ Pla$tik, Pitch Interactive, Adrienne Skye Roberts, Favianna Rodriguez, Ruby Mountain, and Stamen. A full-color publication features new essays by Jeff Chang, Christian L. Frock, and Rebecca Solnit.