Leslie Dreyer is an interdisciplinary artist and organizer who creates tactical performance-interventions, media spectacles, and unsanctioned installations from within movements fighting for a right to the city and an equitable future. Collaborating with residents facing eviction, as well as tenant and homeless rights advocates, she designs strategies to highlight and resist the rise of tech-sector neoliberalism, urban enclosure, displacement, precarity, and structural racial inequities. Her creative actions have garnered media attention spotlighting the Bay Area’s housing crisis and wealth disparity in outlets such as the Guardian UK, the BBC, ABC, CNN, Reuters, AP, Time magazine, the New York Times, the Nation, Mother Jones, and the San Francisco Examiner, among others. Dreyer’s on-the-ground and research-based practice connects experts and ideas across the disciplines of art activism, urban studies, and public policy. Through these intersections, she facilitates ways for residents to flex their collective power, upend the myth of tech-savior trickle-down economics, and imagine ways of being in the world outside the logic of capital.