The YBCA 10

In April 2021, we announced the YBCA 10, a cohort of artists the organization would work with in deep relationships over the course of a year, to allow their creative practice to lead us towards a more equitable future.

Over the past nine months, the artists that make up the 10—dancers, photographers, wordsmiths, architects, technologists, farmers, and multidisciplinary practitioners—have been working with each other and in community to imagine and design creative prototypes that impact community health and well-being, by addressing racial justice and climate equity.

While these issues are undeniably urgent, creative practice also needs time. This is an entirely new way of working for us as an organization *and* for these powerful artists, all happening at a time when deep care is required more than ever. After months of listening, movement workshops, and community conversations, it is now time to open up their process to you—our community.

YBCA 10 Artist Cohort

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YBCA 10 Podcast

At the intersection of art and activism stands the 10 – a multidisciplinary cohort of artists brought together by YBCA. This podcast is dedicated to highlighting each member of the YBCA 10, making space for pivotal conversations about their cultural motivations, civic engagement, and how each are designing creative prototypes that directly address racial justice and climate equity for the betterment of community health and well-being.

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In this episode, we continue our extended conversations with YBCA 10 artist Leticia Hernández-Linares. Joining her in this intimate dialogue is YCBA Creative Cohort Artist Caleb Duarte. Listen to hear the group flesh out conceptual ideas around art, healing through storytelling, memory work, and being historians of our own history through dialogue.

The Creative Cohort

The Creative Cohort is a group of 20 experts of multiple disciplines who will advise, mentor and provide feedback to the YBCA 10 artists through the process of conceiving, building and refining their prototypes. In this program, collaboration is essential at all levels in developing projects and is part of the evolution that emphasizes YBCA’s commitment to building transformative relationships with artists and investing in them to develop the deepest work we can together.