Announcing the YBCA 10

YBCA is launching a new program to center artists as leaders in our organization and our communities. The YBCA 10 is a group of 10 artists—all of whom are also included as part of our YBCA 100 list—who are already advancing the essential role of art in social and cultural movement and are interested in developing new systems for building regenerative communities.

For the program’s inaugural year, we have awarded $50,000 each to 10 artists to develop creative prototypes that center the health and well-being of communities through a focus on racial equity, climate justice, and their intersections. These artists have a track record in building artistic projects that speak to and develop the vital conditions of health for specific communities.

The artists that make up the YBCA 10 are: Alex J. Bledsoe, Ayodele Nzinga, Binta Ayofemi, Darryl Ratcliff, Deanna Van Buren, Dorothy R. Santos, Hasain Rasheed, Leticia Hernández-Linares, My-Linh Le, and Nikiko Masumoto. Grounding their projects in collaboration, the YBCA 10 have also selected a Creative Cohort of 20 artists and activists to advise them throughout the year-long process.

These projects will be shared as works-in-progress both on-site at YBCA and in the community as a Public Square—an open and interactive feedback loop between the artists and the public. This new format is designed to build critical dialogue through genuine interaction around the work the artists are doing, as public participation is essential for developing new models for a more equitable future.

This new program emphasizes YBCA’s commitment to building transformative relationships with artists by investing in them deeply to develop innovative and incisive work together.

YBCA 10 Artist Cohort