Antoine Hunter

2020 YBCA 100 Honoree

Antoine Hunter, aka Purple Fire Crow, is an award-winning, internationally-known African-American, Indigenous, Deaf, Disabled, choreographer, dancer, actor, instructor, speaker, and Deaf advocate creating opportunities for Disabled, Deaf, and hearing artists and producing Deaf-friendly events. He founded the Bay Area International Deaf Dance Festival and Urban Jazz Dance Company, an ensemble of professional Deaf and Hearing dancers, which performed for more than 4,200 schoolchildren in 2019. He received Isadora Duncan Dance Award and the inaugural Jeanette Lomujo Bremond Award for Humanity, and was named SF King of Carnaval. His work has been performed globally, most recently in Turkey, the UK, and Russia. He has lectured at Kennedy Center’s VSA, Harvard, Duke, and the National Assembly of State Arts. His shoe company DropLabs recently released an innovative product to help people feel music through their shoes. He serves the boards of Dance/USA, BABDA, DropLabs, and is Vice President of Deaf Counseling, Advocacy and Referral Agency Board.