YBCA artists-in-residence SF Urban Film Fest explore the complicated history and celebrate the future of the South of Market in their newest exhibition and programming series Echo Location: The Cultural Geopolitics in South of Market. This exhibition centers the experience of two historically marginalized groups essential to the heritage of SoMa: Filipinx and LGBTQIA+ communities. Featuring visual arts, film, and theatre, Echo Location reflects on the power these communities hold, overlapping both culturally and geographically over time.

The SoMa, like the Bay Area and California, has been the epicenter of contested territory since the Spanish first arrived in Yerba Buena. The neighborhood has been remade time after time, through successive waves of induced migration, urban renewal, and displacement. Investments in technology, arts, and culture have frequently positioned SoMa on the leading edge of the city, the region, and the country. Perched at the confluence of east and west, at the edge of both a continent and an ocean, the DNA of the SoMa interlaces narratives of manifest destiny, imperialism, resilience, refuge, and rebirth.

Echo Location is organized by the SF Urban Film Fest, in partnership with Filipino International Cine Festival (FACINE) and Bindlestiff Studio. Co-presenters include Kultivate Labs, Kapwa Gardens, and SoMa Pilipinas.

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