Jenn Ban is a Filipina-American multi-disciplinary artist, community worker, and energy healer focused on transcendence and thought-provoking imagery. She has presented exhibitions and created murals in Jacksonville, FL; Los Angeles, CA; Forestville, CA; and various parts of the Philippines. Jenn spent 2-years exploring the Philippines, working with various indigenous communities and Manila artists to create Commune, an Manila-artist led initiative. Most recently, she has moved to Forestville, CA where she has connected with San Francisco’s cultural art community.

Jenn utilizes various mediums including ink, acrylic paint, wood, found objects, repurposed material, textiles, printing, and more, to capture the viewer in a vulnerable state of being and comfort or to provoke the psyche. Her recent works are inspired by the Filipino culture and natural building. She invites you to feel with her.