AFTER LIFE (we survive) | Rea Tajiri

Presented by YBCA | November 9, 2020–January 24, 2021

Rea Tajiri

b. 1958, Chicago, IL
Lives and works in Philadelphia, PA


Documentary film. 1 hour 7 min.

Courtesy the artist

Filmmaker Rea Tajiri goes home to Lordville in her 2014 experimental documentary of the same name. In this tiny hamlet in upstate New York, rivers suddenly change course, and the elements take back homes, gardens, and other human-built places. Throughout, Tajiri is a patient witness to Lordville’s beleaguered residents, who persist despite the hostility of the landscape. The film documents Tajiri’s own complicated relationship to being a homeowner on land stolen from the Lenape people, along other stories of conflicts over property, impermanence, and haunting. The film will be streamed on special occasions over the course of the exhibition.

LORDVILLE will be available to view on from December 11, 2020 6pm PST – December 13, 2020 11:59pm PST

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