Introducing the Artist-led Giving Circle

What if money and wealth were in the hands of a BIPOC-led artist cohort who know first hand what their communities need to build health and wellbeing? At YBCA, we are following the lead of artists who already know the answers to this question. Introducing the YBCA Artist-Led Giving Circle, a coalition of artists from around the country whose work impacts the livelihood of their communities. We’re putting $250,000 in their hands to seed the Giving Circle. They will design it together and decide where the money flows in their communities, and we will support them with facilitation and technical skills when invited to do so. With the Artist-Led Giving Circle, we are supporting their leadership and expertise to co-create new structures of equity that match the transformative needs of our present time.

At YBCA, we believe artists are critical actors in imagining the equitable future we all want to see, and we believe they must propel us to that future. Join us and share this movement with others.