Binta Ayofemi

Artist-led Giving Circle & YBCA 10

Visual Artist Binta Ayofemi shapes new urban forms and urban materials, evoking power, Black space, and the senses.

Inspired by the Black Panthers, Black Shakers, Ayofemi’s works infuse an Afrofuturist narrative with objects and experiences gathered, honed, milled and performed.

Ayofemi’s artwork GROUND, a series of sites and buildings beginning in Oakland, generates new narratives around urban voids, economy, displacement, freedom, duration, and radical imagination.

Ayofemi explores movement, making, manufacturing, and authorship of public and private space. Ayofemi’s activation of vacant sites, from an urban meadow to a reimagined corner store, suggests a state of mutability and transformation.

Ayofemi’s work has been featured by Untitled, Kadist Foundation, SFMOMA, the Carpenter Center, the Wattis Institute, the Asian Art Museum, the New Museum, dOCUMENTA, the British Arts Council, Rebuild Foundation, the AIA, the City of Oakland, and as a community partner of Black Cultural Zone.