Artist-Led Giving Circle

In September 2020, YBCA, along with a national partnership of arts organizations and funders, co-convened 14 artists from across the nation to attend the annual social impact investment conference – SOCAP. The cohort of artists almost immediately expressed an interest in creating a collective body that could support their individual work and the more immediate needs of that work, while building towards something bigger and more deliberate. From that sentiment and inspired by traditional gifting circles, the Artist-Led Giving Circle (ALGC) formally launched in October 2020.

Artist-Led Giving Circle: Reimagining Wealth Distribution and the Creative Economy

“We were gathered from across the country. We met as strangers joined by common dreams. We came as dancers, dreamers, theater folk, organizers, founders, poets—doers of all types; all lovers of Livity. Wanting for one another what we wanted for ourselves: we became community”

— Ayodele Nzinga, Artist-Led Giving Circle Member

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The Artist-Led Giving Circle Podcast

In this podcast series hosted by Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, we dive into the stories of members from our majority-BIPOC-led giving circle as they share their experience stewarding new forms of community wealth distribution and share their visions for a new economy.

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Power of Giving Circles & Wealth Redistribution, with Erin Washington

In this artist-led conversation, we hear from founding Giving Circle Member Erin Washington, and multi-disciplinary artist Toran X Moore, as they discuss the power of giving circles as a model for resourcing creative practice, sharing community wealth, and sustaining movements in the deep south.

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