To celebrate the final weekend of the exhibition طراوت | TARAVAT, join Taravat Talepasand and a series of performances featuring artists from the Iranian diaspora and beyond on Saturday, July 22 from 2-5pm to explore notions of identity, belonging, home, and resistance.

In a display of healing and resilience, Katayoun Bahrami and Florencia Montefalcone will present “Words of Silence” as an offering of healing for women who have endured trauma and oppression.

A sound performance by interdisciplinary artist Sholeh Asgary invites the audience into a diasporic travel of time, sound, and space.

Experience the power of solidarity and autonomy with Badri Valian and Sarah Grimm as they present “Detained Imprints.” This deeply engaging interactive poetry performance delves into the shared experiences of women, offering a somatic journey highlighting the strength and unity found in collective struggle.

Be the Voice of IRAN’s interactive protest posters, illustrated by Reza Zavvari and designed by Romina Zabihian, invite viewers through VR to dive deeper into the lives of those fighting for basic human rights in the streets of Iran.

The afternoon will conclude with Taravat Talepsand sharing more about her artwork and the importance to her that this exhibition serve as a forum for a multitude of voices to convene in solidarity around the Woman, Life, Freedom movement, female and queer bodily autonomy, and human rights globally.