Sarah McCarthy Grimm started drawing at the age of six when her grandmother, a painter, sat her down in front of an orange at the kitchen table. Her grandmother’s mother was also a painter, and she has carried on this lineage as an interdisciplinary artist. Her formal practice began in Spring 2008 at Studio Arts Centers International in Florence, where she studied photography, figure drawing and fresco painting for a semester during her gap year at the age of 18. During her undergraduate studies at Brown University, where she graduated with a BA in Visual Art in 2013, she developed an applied multimedia ethnography approach to community research, continued to study film photography, and evolved her painting practice. In 2014, she adopted the Ramaytush Ohlone homeland as her own via a solitary cross-country road trip, and has been building her social practice and painting career since. From 2018-2020, Sarah pursued graduate studies at California College of the Arts to build her skills in facilitation and design strategy, completing the DesignMBA in May 2020. She launched Sarah Grimm Studio LLC in June 2022 with the mission of having a positive impact on society through all aspects of her interdisciplinary practice. Since, she has shown her paintings in 2 solo shows and 12 groups shows, and is developing new ways to activate her Collective Imprints framework.