Badri Valian is a participatory interactive installation artist and a painter, living in San Francisco. Her artwork investigates personal and social issues such as poverty, systemic racism, sexual harassment, dictatorships, and forced displacements. The prevalent censorship, gender discrimination, and inequality she experienced in her home country Iran—and its contrast with the life she has lived in the U.S.—encouraged her to redefine her artistic voice and shift her focus to voice underserved minorities. Valian’s public-centered activations integrate different communities to generate new social fabrics. Valian studied Fine Arts in Iran, where she received several national awards for her creative techniques, public-oriented, and social practice art projects. She recently performed her interactive art project of Democracy-in-Danger at Santa Fe Art Institute Artist In Residence Program, New Mexico; University of California Berkeley; Clarion Alley Mural Project, SF; and The Legion of Honor, SF.