Experience an afternoon of expanded cinema in this performance featuring a multi-projector film screening with live narration from artist tamara suarez porras. The work moves between analog and digital forms, pulling both from the artist’s family archives as well as imagined archives composed of collected material—decades-old letters, the worn edges of a snapshot, and long-silent stories told for the first time.

from within a great silence taps into the artist’s search for their biological father, a person who they have never met. The gaps within their family history–untold stories, forgotten memories, relationships once-hidden–are the generative threads from which the artist weaves of new possibilities. Both a figurative and literal search, the performance immerses viewers into the artist’s inner dialogue as they navigate the dynamics of contending with the unknowns of their selfhood: hopes and fears, contradictions and likenesses, dead-ends and open doors.


Screening Room, YBCA