At first glance, visual artist Brett Cook and choreographer Liz Lerman are an unlikely match. Although divergent in presentation and aesthetic, both have spent their careers guided by an intuitive desire to forge new paths, reshape their respective fields, and encourage the exploration of artistry as a catalyst for enacting change. This exhibition is the culmination of Cook and Lerman’s three-year residency as senior fellows at YBCA, focusing on centering artists as leaders inside the organization and in the communities they serve. Their pairing asks the public to consider the role of an artist within an institution—and in the public sphere—as urgent and responsive.

The exhibition’s title, Reflection & Action, echoes the cohesion between their work and the way they care for the public. It simultaneously references their deeply held belief that to be an artist in the world means creating time and space for contemplation and opening oneself to the experience of others. Their commitment to relationship-building leads to personal and collective transformation.

Interactive installations and public programs invite us all in as creative collaborators with Cook and Lerman. Reflection & Action is an offering—weaving together video, dance, installation, painting, and other participatory works—to harness our own creative power and enact change in the world.