Pablo Cristi

Public Participation Fellows Cohort 2019-20

Pablo Cristi is an artist born and raised in Los Angeles. Born to Chilean parents escaping the Pinochet regime, Cristi’s work is motivated by an active political awareness and is steeped in a critical inquiry of power, representation, and history. His investigations of the colonial past, present, and future often take the form of paintings and sculptural objects that deconstruct and commingle urban visual vernaculars. By articulating strategies of cultural erasure, survival, and transformation, Cristi’s work produces counter-hegemonic narratives that allow a critical reanalysis of the status quo.

Cristi is also an arts educator and is the chair of the visual art program at Oakland School for the Arts. Cristi is a graduate of the Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) program at California College of the Arts, San Francisco, and was awarded the Barclay Simpson Award in 2009. Cristi’s work is part of multiple private collections as well as some of the most renowned Latino Art collections like the Altamed and Cheech Marin collection. He has recently exhibited in Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Oakland.