In a time when flirting, even winking, was a capital offense, a handsome wandering minstrel has fallen in love with the beautiful bride-to-be of the recently appointed Lord High Executioner. Chaos, desperation, and comical mayhem ensue in classic Gilbert and Sullivan style, with impromptu marriages, substitute executionees, forged death certificates, and the revelation of a prince in disguise.

With its hilarious plot line, iconic music, and ingenious dialogue which has woven itself into pop culture throughout the 20th century, The Mikado is quite possibly one of the most popular musical comedies in the English language. IL DUCATO strives to highlight the genius inherent to the original satire, while freeing it from the harmful stereotypes which have drawn increasing and long-deserved criticism in recent years.

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Blue Shield of California Theater

Tickets: $65-$80