Dohee Lee weaves her multiple virtuosities in drumming, dancing, and singing into immersive ritualized theatrical creations. Born on Jeju Island, Korea, she trained at the master-level in music and dance styles rooted in Korean shamanism. In 1998, Lee moved to Oakland, CA, to create a new art form. Since then, she has become an award-winning traditional and contemporary arts performer, collaborating with Kronos Quartet, Anna Halprin, inkBoat, Degenerate Art Ensemble and many others.

Lee’s work ranges from solo performances to full-scale theater productions. Lee utilizes cutting-edge wearable wireless controller technology to seamlessly integrate acoustic and electronic sounds, video projections, dance, vocals and rhythm. She emphasizes the mythical, experimental, ritualistic, historical and healing aspects of performance and installation, catalyzing new relationships between identity, nature, spirituality, and the political.