MU–Connector/When the land stands alone with The Storytellers’ Mero Geet Mero Yatra is a multi-part ritual theater experience from Korean shamanistic performance artist Dohee Lee.

The performance explores ancestral traditions transmuted through dance, singing, drumming, and storytelling, weaving together electronic soundscapes, an altar installation, and community participation to create a communal creative ritual experience.

Built from collective community healing rituals, MU–Connector delves into our myths, ancestral land, history, and stories, while also reflecting on wounds suffered and inflicted through systemic oppression in the U.S. and our homelands.

This theater experience includes performances from Asian Refugees United’s The Storytellers’ Group with Manose Singh (Mero Geet Mero Yatra: My Song My Journey), CoRazOn/CRE Cohorts, Mu Ritual Drummers, and Puri Arts Collectives.