Venue Rental: Rates and Policies

Standard Daily Rates
YBCA Theater Building
Main Auditorium & Stage
(8am to 11pm standard access)
$8,500 per day
Theater Premium Rate $10,500 per day
700 Howard Plaza $1,000 per day
Galleries & Forum Building (GFB)
Forum Standard Access
(8am to 11pm)
$8,500 per day
Forum Premium Rate $10,500 per day
Grand Lobby $3,000
Screening Room** $1,500
**This space is rented in conjunction with Forum and/or Theater only.

Venue and Building Access Times

All venue rental fees are based on standard building access times of 8:00am to 11:00pm. Access may be extended with prior approval by YBCA’s Events staff, and is subject to additional fees.

  • YBCA control/rover security team operates onsite from 8:00am–8:00pm on Monday–Tuesday, so additional hourly security fees apply for building access after 8pm on those days.

Public Access (Grand Lobby)

YBCA’s Grand Lobby is not available for private rental during public access hours. Shared use or after-hours private events are permitted, and your YBCA Event Manager shall specify the time, location, and options for early setup.

The Grand Lobby is available for private rentals from 6PM daily, or 8PM on Thursday.

Discounted Rates

Reduced licensing fees are available for organizations that qualify as tax exempt pursuant to section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Documentation of 501(c)3 status is required for application of fees. Additional fees for Expanded Access still apply.

Venue Use Policy

To learn more about YBCA’s reservation and licensing process, along with venue policies, please download our full Venues Use Policy document.

YBCA 2018-2019 Venues Use Policy (PDF, 622 KB)