SOMA Pilipinas

2020 YBCA 100 Honoree

SOMA Pilipinas is a celebration of where we come from, and where we are going. San Francisco’s Filipino Cultural Heritage District is a product of its people who are resilient, creative, and determined. We live, work, play and gather here as a community. It is a place that connects the broader community to our narrative and experiences as Filipinos in America. It is a living culture, a community that’s conscious of history and embraces progress towards our mission to: protect our residents and cultural institutions from displacement, increase visibility of our community’s history, cultural and contributions, promote cultural celebration and preservation, and advance economic and racial justice and our struggle for dignity, equity and recognition.

SOMA Pilipinas serves as the cultural hub for the Filipino community in San Francisco and regionally and is also one of the first cultural districts designated by the State through the California Arts Council.