Kamal Sinclair

2020 YBCA 100 Honoree

Kamal Sinclair, is making the world more beautiful as the Executive Director of the ​Guild of Future Architects​ and artist at Sinclair Futures. She served as an External Advisor to the ​MacArthur Foundation’s Journalism & Media Program​, a Creative Advisor to ​For Freedoms​ (the largest collective art project in US history), a member of ​Sharon Chang’s Family Office​ (​Dream Office of Imaginary Friends​), and as an advisory board member of ​MIT’s Center for Advanced Virtuality​, ​Starfish Incubator​, and ​Eyebeam​.

Previously, Sinclair was the Director of Sundance Institute’s ​New Frontier Labs Program​ for seven years, which supports artists working at the convergence of film, art, media, and technology. During that period, she consulted for the ​Ford Foundation’s JustFilms​ program on a research project aimed at furthering equality in emerging media, which resulted in “​Making a New Reality​.”

Sinclair got her start in emerging media as an artist and producer on ​Question Bridge: Black Males​. At Question Bridge, where she and her collaborators launched a project with an interactive website and curriculum, published a book, and exhibited in over sixty museums and festivals.