Constance Hockaday

2020 YBCA 100 Honoree

Constance Hockaday, is a queer Chilean American artist who grew up on the US/Mexico border. She is a director and visual artist who creates social sculptures, usually in public, about political voice and belonging. At age 19 she joined the Floating Neutrinos, a family of wanderers who sailed around the world in handmade vessels. From them, she learned to use the water as a public platform and began creating solo work on the water in 2011, including a floating boat hotel off the shores of New York City and a floating peepshow in the San Francisco Bay. Her latest project Artists-In-Presidents, brought together 50+ artists to address the nation in Fireside Chat style transmissions alongside the 2020 Presidential Campaign.  Hockaday holds both an MFA in Socially Engaged Art and a Masters in Conflict Resolution. She is a Senior TED Fellow and an artist in residence at UCLA: Center for the Art of Performance.

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