Public Programs

Interactive Studio Hours with the YBCA 10 Artists

November 18–20, 2021, 12–5 PM

Join us for our monthly YBCA 10 interactive studio hours. Learn about the prototype designs and connect with the artists of the YBCA 10 Artist Cohort.

Participate in feedback sessions, grounding rituals and invitations to be a part of the evolving ideas and physical space.


Thursday, November 18, 1 PM

YBCA 10 Artist Leticia Hernandez brings the public into the process for her Cuarto de Deseos (Wishing Room); as the worry dolls prepare to strike: we will witness and wish, fold our hopes into corn husks setting dolls & our own intentions free.

Friday, November 19, 1 PM

YBCA 10 Artist Nikiko Masumoto wants us to take an earth break. All will be invited to be with and touch some of the soils which bring us nourishment.

Saturday, November 20, 12:15 PM

YBCA 10 Artist, Dorothy Santos, will ground us in a shared group tarot reading and help set the intention for the day by asking us to share our reflections on what the universe is trying to communicate.