dreamseeds is the given name to the YBCA 10 artist workshop. Inside their studio, you’ll find creative work that invites your participation. You are invited to play, move, question, contribute and dream your way through the space. These artists have been waiting for you.

The YBCA 10 is a cohort of artists who explore the intersection of creative practice and social change. Since January 2021, these dancers, photographers, wordsmiths, architects, technologists, farmers, and multidisciplinary practitioners have been in conversation with each other and with their communities, imagining and designing prototypes that center health and well-being, racial justice, and climate equity. Now, their interactive studio is fully live.

We asked ourselves, what happens when an arts center turns over its spaces to makers in the midst of building new worlds? What potential can it unleash? What change can it nurture? We look to artists themselves to lead our way and forge new paths. And we look to you, with all of the unique experiences and wisdoms you hold, to contribute to this journey every step of the way.