Darryl Ratcliff is an award-winning artist and poet with a writing and curatorial practice based in Dallas, TX. His work engages communities and mobilizes social issues. Ratcliff is the co-founder of Gossypion Investments with Maya Crawford, a startup company that seeks to evolve the role of culture in society. Gossy focuses on real estate development, cultural investments, branding and PR, cultural consulting, and artist management. Ratcliff is also a contributing arts writer for The Dallas Morning News where he covers the North Texas visual art scene. In 2019, Ratcliff along with Krissy Bodge, created Dallas The Remix, a conceptual art piece that reimagined the 80s TV show Dallas as a tool for political education and equity. In 2012, Ratcliff, alongside artist Fred Villanueva, founded Ash Studios, a Black and Latinx artist-run space and social sculpture in South Dallas.