Amy Seiwert’s Imagery is a contemporary ballet company in San Francisco that believes that ballet is an expressive and vital voice relevant to our times. Its mission is to explode preconceptions about what ballet is and can be. Seiwert will create an outlet for immigrant stories performed in a series of solos and duets, with the audience placed on all sides. Now is the time for the quiet stories to be heard, for the “other” not to be an abstraction, but to have a voice.

Larry Arrington is a dance artist, Sandra Lawson Ndu is a musician based in Oakland, and Minoosh Zomorodinia is an Iranian-born artist working in photography, video, performance, and installation. These collaborators will turn to magic, imagination, and story, digging into the soil to unearth gestating potential. What stories do we belong to? What magic are we using to create contexts that produce these questions of citizenship? Stories create fear, but they also create magic.

Fogbeast is an underground dance-theater organization working in site-specific installation, integration of voice and text, and athletic dancing. Fogbeast will consider citizenship literally and poetically in movement and song. What are the effects of complacency and apathy for our networks of belonging? If citizenship is a fluid identity, as in matter that can change in state from liquid to solid, perhaps citizenship can crystallize into a hard line or a thick bureaucracy. Does citizenship denote active participation?