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Diaspora: Identity and the Pathos of Global Labor

SF Urban Film Fest   |  

February 6, 2020, 6:30 PM

Tidal forces of capitalist economy, war, and colonialism result in many dimensions of displacement. Cultures clash and merge, political economies reformulate into webs of inter-dependency stretching around the globe, and human beings are flung far from their places of origin. This program explores diaspora through the lens of personal identity, within the context of a global labor market.


Jethro Patalinghug, filmmaker, associate artistic director of Filipino Arts & Cinema, International (FACINE)

Robin Abad Ocibillo

Screening Room


Children of Spring (Germany/USA, 2019, 43 mins) by Dusan Solomun

In this experimental doc, Syrian refugees in Germany re-enact their journey across the Mediterranean Sea.

Ashmina (England/Nepal, 2018, 15 mins) by Dekel Berenson

In an impoverished country, rife with contradiction, a young girl is torn between her obligation to her family and the influence of foreign visitors.

Letter to the Outsider (Hong Kong/Netherlands, 2016, 6 mins) by Dorothy Cheung

Letter to the Outsider is based on a letter that transgresses the boundaries of inside and outside, here and there. Witnessing Hong Kong’s political imprisonment far from home, the film questions human perception of a space or a country, reflected in images of repurposed prisons in the Netherlands.



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