Opposing Forces utilizes tropes of contemporary performance to expose fears around feminine qualities in our culture through the hyper masculine dance style of breaking. With curiosity, vulnerability, and power, five world-class B-Boys uncover binary perceptions of gender using a diverse range of dance contexts: battling, commercial dance, intimate duets, and cyphering, all set inside a futuristic geometric landscape.

This year, Clas/sick Hip Hop explores gender norms in hip hop culture, celebrating the presence and impact of femininity in a subculture that has historically been characterized by hyper-masculinity and violence. Dance performance Opposing Forces, with artist Amy O’Neal, responds to society’s binary frameworks through dance styles like breaking and cyphering. UnderCover Presents: A Tribute to The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, spotlights the work of the iconic artist whose first solo album shaped a woman’s perspective on everything from relationships to life in the hood, in a genre and industry dominated by men. Sixteen Bay Area ensembles pay homage to the Grammy award–winning iconic artist by lending their unique, creative voices to the classic songs we know and love. Be there for the return of Clas/sick Hip Hop. Move and be moved.