Amy O’Neal is a dancer, performer, choreographer, and dance educator equally participating in street and club dance culture, and contemporary dance and performance. She is passionate about the intersection of these worlds while honoring their complex cultural differences. A sought-after teacher and artist for the past seventeen years, O’Neal works nationally and internationally, choreographing for stage, commercials, rock shows, galleries, dance films, and music videos. Her work presents social commentary with dark humor and heavy beats. She was awarded the first Distinguished Alumni Award from Cornish College of the Arts in 2014. Her work has been supported by Creative Capital, Foundation for Contemporary Art, the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation, the National Dance Project (both commissioning and tour support), and two National Performance Network Commissioning awards. She was an invited dancer for Clas/sick Hip Hop in 2014 at YBCA, a guest panelist for the 2016 Zulu Nation’s Meeting of the Minds, and twice invited to battle in the Queen of the Hill: All Ladies/All Styles battle in Seattle. Her writing has been published in Dance magazine, Artdish, Blog the Boards, and City Arts Magazine. She spent half of 2015 in the Bay Area working as an artist in residence at Mills College and serving as a choreographic architect for Citizen Dance. She divides her time between Seattle and Los Angeles.