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Everywhere at Once: Films by Sylvia Schedelbauer

Presented by San Francisco Cinematheque   |  

November 7, 2019

In the films of Sylvia Schedelbauer, personal internal reverie and expansive cultural history collide. Assembled largely from deeply researched archival footage and radically edited (in an elegantly flickering style entirely her own), Schedelbauer’s films present a strikingly visual space of interiority in which dreams, personal biography, collective memories and family histories fuse to form a complicated vision of fragmented transnational identity in the context of 20th Century history. Visiting from Berlin, Schedelbauer appears in person to present a retrospective of recent films 2007–2018 including: False Friends (2007); Remote Intimacy (2007/2008); Way Fare (2009); Sounding Glass (2011); Sea of Vapors (2014) and Wishing Well (2018).

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