Join us for a panel conversation about how artists are melding the architecture, tools, and aesthetics of different traditions, and presenting new possibilities for Black, Filipinx, queer, and gender-variant life—as they relate to works in the ongoing Bay Area Now 9 exhibition.

The works of artists champoy, Nicole Shaffer, and Leila Weefur shown in Bay Area Now 9 are the result of syncretic practices. At times these artists and artworks ask us to reflect on self-image and community (and the beauty therein), and at other times we are called to share and ponder the oppressive histories of institutional medicine, surveillance, and organized religion that have stifled those expressions. As part of deeply relational practices, the works are, and ask us to be, in a constant state of becoming, in which selfhood, collaboration, and liberation are always lights on the horizon.

This conversation, featuring Bay Area Now 9 artists Leila Weefur, Nicole Shaffer, and champoy, is moderated by BAN9 Curatorial Counsel member and Executive Director of SF Camerawork, Aay Preston-Myint, and presented by BAN9 Curator and YBCA Director of Curatorial Initiatives Martin Strickland.