During the month of April, YBCA is designating 2 days as Health & Safety Days, where face masks will be required for all gallery visitors to the Bay Area Now 9 exhibition.

We have scheduled these days, on April 12 and 21, to ensure equitable access for any immunocompromised or medically vulnerable community members who may wish to visit with additional safety protocols in place.

Masks will be available for free at the front desk, or you can wear your own mask that covers your nose and mouth. Our janitorial staff will continue to maintain our cleaning protocols, by frequently disinfecting surfaces, railings, restrooms, and seating areas with EPA-certified disinfectants that work against COVID-19 and other viruses.

YBCA also uses CDC-recommended MERV 13 or higher filters throughout our HVAC system, and recirculates air at rates consistent with CDC/ASHRAE-recommended air quality standards to maximize outside air intake to the fullest extent possible. Our doors and windows will also remain open in our spaces whenever possible.

For more information about health and safety at YBCA, please visit ybca.org/health-and-safety.


General Admission Tickets: Free

On April 12 & 21, masks will be required for gallery entrance