Join us this holiday season for a fun-filled cultural festival of food, drinks, art, dance, music, and shopping at YBCA, located in the vibrant SOMA Pilipinas – Filipino Cultural Heritage District. Experience the Taste of Christmas (3-5pm), the Parol Stroll and Tala Awards (5-8pm), and come together in the spirit of community.

The parol lantern is the quintessential Filipino symbol of hope, blessings, luck, and peace, during the holiday season, and can be found lighting up windows in Filipino homes throughout the world.

This year’s festival theme, “Breaking Dawn: Illuminating Mental Wellness,” will shed light on the important issue of mental health within the Filipino Community. Beyond celebrating cultural traditions, the festival aims to dispel the stigma around mental health, fostering a community that nurtures mental well-being. The metaphor of “Breaking Dawn” serves as a powerful theme for this year’s Tala Awards as traditional Filipino Parol lanterns become beacons of hope and enlightenment, each one telling a unique journey and vision of mental wellness.

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Forum & Grand Lobby, YBCA
Yerba Buena Gardens