Theresa Wong is a composer, cellist, and vocalist who is deeply committed to creative experimentation, improvisation, and synergies of multiple disciplines. Bridging music, dance, theater, and the visual arts, Wong treats performance as a vehicle of transformation for artist and receiver alike. Her works include The Unlearning, twenty-one songs inspired by Francisco Goya’s Disasters of War etchings (Tzadik, 2011); O Sleep, an opera inspired by the conundrum of sleep and dream life; and Venice Is a Fish (Sensitive Skin Music, 2014), an album of solo songs. She has collaborated with many notable artists, including Fred Frith, Ellen Fullman, Luciano Chessa, Søren Kjaergaard, the filmmaker Daria Martin, and dance pioneer Anna Halprin. She has presented her work internationally at such venues as Fondation Cartier, Paris; Cafe Oto, London; Area Sismica, Forlì, Italy; Festival de Arte y Ópera Contemporánea, Morelia, Mexico; and Roulette and the Stone, New York. She is currently based in Berkeley.