Tammy Rae Carland produces photographs, collages, experimental videos and publications. Carland was a key member of the thriving underground music, art and Riot Grrrl scenes in Olympia, Wash. She founded a non-profit art gallery, produced zines such as I (heart) Amy Carter, and in 1997, co-launched Mr. Lady Records and Videos, an influential distribution company dedicated to queer and feminist culture. Her photo series Archive of Feelings documents personal items that have had a strong imprint on her. From this series, One Love Leads to Another catalogs Carland’s collection of mix tapes made by old lovers and friends, providing a portrait of her inner circle. The importance of community is also apparent in Vaguely Dedicated, a grid of dedication pages torn out of feminist books, often addressed, sometimes cryptically, to the author’s romantic partner, sister, family, mentor or cohort. In keeping with the 1960s feminist slogan, “the personal is political,” one sees how Carland’s politics filter into her life through domestic, everyday items assembled for Sisterhood is Powerful. The Lesbian Beds series portrays lesbian couples through large photos of their unmade beds. Politics also permeate the ongoing series I’m Dying Up Here, where Carland is interested in how female comedians reclaim an abject position for the sake of comedy. The power of the stage itself becomes the subject in the selection displayed here, presented as empty, forlorn, waiting to be inhabited and transformed. This series originated in Carland’s performances from the late ‘80s dressed as a little girl, whose photo documentation was used for the cover of Riot Grrrl band Bikini Kill’s Pussy Whipped album. Carland lives in Oakland, Calif.