Margaretha Haughwout collaborates with humans, and the more-than-human, across technologies and ecologies, to enact possible worlds — worlds that generate abundance, presence and relationship — and in doing so, antagonize proprietary regimes, colonial temporalities, and capitalist forms of labor. Installation, participatory event, experimental pedagogy, intervention, and biological processes articulate stages of her worlding processes. Haughwout’s recent collaborations include the Coven Intelligence Program, with efrén cruz cortés and Suzanne Husky; the Guerrilla Grafters, with Ian Pollock and Tara Hui; and HOT COMPOST! With Elodie Fourquet, Brynn Hatton and Dawn Weleski. Haughwout has received a number of grants for community-based artworks, and she has exhibited most recently at Stadtwerkstatt in Linz, Austria, and at the Usdan Gallery at Bennington College, VT.