Frankie Leroux is a multi-hyphenate creative that is equally at home behind a camera as he is in the recording studio. An accomplished music producer, drummer, educator and videographer, Leroux balances his time between many creative pursuits. Hailing from Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, Leroux has worked with Miguel Atwood Ferguson, Kemba, Chris Dave, Cultura Profetica, Topaz Jones, Bebo Dumont, Emily King, Alissia, PJ, Sebastian Mikael, Young Guru, and Ms. Lauryn Hill. In 2016 Leroux began teaching digital music production and songwriting classes as a part of Carnegie Hall’s Future Music Program. In 2018, Leroux led a series of production and songwriting workshops at Crossroads Juvenile Center. These experiences of creating music and fostering connections with students from a diverse range of backgrounds inspired Leroux to continue pursuing ways in which music could create meaningful connections. Whether music or film, Leroux believes that art is a gift that can connect people.