Kamila Thunder is an Iranian multi-instrumentalist musician. After beginning piano lessons at age 9, she entered an Iranian music conservatory at age 14, when the Islamic regime of Iran heavily policed music and the arts. At the time, Thunder was living as a boy, and growing up amidst oppression, war, and fear. She was a victim of a sexual assault, and that trauma surfaced gender identity challenges for her in a male-dominated society.

Heartbroken and in search of an environment to create and express herself without boundaries, Thunder began to travel the world and has since collaborated with many musicians and artists. Currently living in the San Francisco Bay Area, she believes that the cultural diversity and the open mindset of Northern California create a vibe that is reflected in her music—respecting and hearing people with differences in ideas and life approaches.

In 2023, Thunder finally decided to present herself as the thoughtful, gentle, and proud woman who was hidden in her heart for many years—proud of being an “Iranian Woman” when the Woman, Life, Freedom movement became a shining star on dark nights and received international support. What better time to say “I Am an Iranian Woman” than today, when the whole world is admiring Iranian women for their courage and strength?