The Los Angeles–based artist Won Ju Lim creates works that examine our varied and complicated relationships to what she calls “the psychological aspects of space.” Working in a variety of mediums—including video, photography, collage, and sculpture—Lim investigates the intersection of real and imagined places through memory, architecture, and a mixture of physical and conceptual layering. For her solo exhibition at YBCA, Lim presents a new iteration of Raycraft Is Dead, an ongoing body of work that considers our relationships to the spaces we occupy and own. Involving two sculptures, two video projections, and a collage, the project was born of Lim’s probing into the idea of domestic spaces as witnesses to the changes that occur in and around them. By investigating, exploiting, and deconstructing the spaces of her home, she invites us to rethink our everyday experiences of our own spaces and asks if we can ever really own a space, either legally, practically, or theoretically.