RAWdance is a contemporary dance company known for transforming theaters and public spaces. RAWdance will look at the recurring history of clashes between power structures and society’s intellectuals and culture makers: from the destruction of the library of Alexandria to China’s Cultural Revolution, the Khmer Rouge to the Spanish Civil War. Critical thinking has regularly and quite often violently been considered a threat, risky to those in power or those trying to usurp it. What does it mean to be an informed citizen?

Fauxnique is the drag queen alter ego of Monique Jenkinson, a multi-genre performing artist (dance, cabaret, theater) whose work considers the performance of femininity as a powerful, vulnerable, and subversive act. Fauxnique digs into questions around belonging and finds authenticity through practices of artifice. What do we mean when we call someone a “real american” or a “real” anything?