Beginning Friday, September 25, 2020, the lawns of Yerba Buena Gardens will be transformed by colorful social distancing artwork by local artists to welcome the public to safely connect with one another in the center of our city. Infinite Center, infinite sun by multidisciplinary artist, educator, and former YBCA fellow Tosha Stimage is the first of a series of installations for the public to take part in, curated by YBCA for the Lawn Art Project presented by the Yerba Buena Gardens Conservancy. This ongoing project is just one of the many new creative and inclusive ways YBCA is reimagining how we can safely bring our community together in-person once again. 

Twenty-one of Stimage’s designs will be stenciled on the Garden’s lawn, which serves as a green centerpiece adjacent to the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial and Waterfall, YBCA, SFMOMA, METREON and the Contemporary Jewish Museum. Each pattern created with grass-safe paint, is a “12-foot explosion of color” with a repeating pattern that expands outwards from a central point, row by row, into the grassy esplanade.

“The design can be interpreted a number of ways — that’s always the intention,” said Stimage. “Seeds parachuting from a dandelion, the pull of a magnet, a star exploding, even molecules colliding. The image is just a symbol, where there ceases to be a point. It is the suggestion of infinite love radiating from each center, in a mutually shared space.”

The work will slowly fade with the natural growth of the grass to make way for the next installation by artist, designer, and architect June Grant beginning Friday, November 13. A YBCA 100 Honoree, Grant will lend her incredible creative powers to the Gardens.  We invite you to activate these socially distant-inspired artworks with your presence, be within them, or view them as a source of inspiration.